Coming Home

So HOW did I end up living in a van?

I keep ask myself the question. Also sometimes I question just the way I’ve choosen to live, often dirty and cold, many times under the car instead of in it.
I keep reminding the mind when in doubt, that life has no meaning if you don’t have fun, If you don’t live the way you want and If you don’t chase your dreams.

Life is a dream, no? and one has the right to chose the path that is right for them. Often that is not that easy. The older I’ve become, the more complex everything feels. Still one has to understand that most dilemmas and it’s battle is just in the mind. If you want something, take it.


So is the dream to live in a car?

 No, I had days, just like everyone else, when it was hard to live, but I never been afraid to die. What scaring me the most is to not live, but merely exist, walk about life in a bubble not knowing what’s behind the next corner. So it’s never been about the van, at the same time everything is about the van.

 I started to travel at a young age. Being sick of the small town I called home. I realized “home”, wasn’t a place or just a word. It was a feeling, a feeling you get when everything is at peace. I felt home when throwing myself out in this vast world of ours. Still is.

Back in Scandinavia, I ended up in beautiful Norway. Working as a teacher. So I started of going out in the fjords of Norway, sometimes even abroad. Most times in a small Renault, or a Volvo kombi. Anything I could get a hold of really.  Slept in the driver seat of a small Toyota at the arctic circle in 15- Celsius, one time. No fun. No fun at all. Years of this, simultaneously working in Norway I got used to the discomfort. The small space.

In the back of my mind I knew that my main source of expenses went on rent for the apartment. Almost half my wage. So I worked and worked, at the end of the month money was gone on a place I only spent the night in.
This was a major problem. I knew that something had to change. I stumbled over a video of a girl living in her van (don’t remember her name) and I thought “I could do that” and the search for a van began.


How I got the van!

So I started the search. Took me 1,5 – 2 years.

It were always the same, I found one, called the owner only to get the answer “Already sold!”, this continued for a year or so. Until I one day found a white and orange VW T3 (Volkswagen transporter 3), only 1 hour away. She was perfect! Listed a couple of days earlier, I knew it would probably already be sold. If the bus were still there it would be several people queuing to buy it. But I had to try.

 I emailed to owner

 “Dear  mr/mrs…..

I saw your beautiful bus. I can imagine you already have several emails like this. I’ve been looking for almost two years to find the right bus to marry, and I think she’s the one. I can pay the asking price but unfortunaly not higher ( if I could I would.) What I can do, is to promise you that she will get a good home, with much love and care.


Call me at 466********



All the best

Linus M Bergman”


One day later my phone rang. The owners, a beautiful couple in their 50s (They also had a dog bigger than myself. True story.) called asking me to come take a look. We sat down outside their porch, a the late summer eve, looking out on the beautiful valley below. He (Terje) showed me several Emails were people had offered thousands of dollars more. They told me stories about trips they’ve taken in Bella over the years.. They really loved it and wanted to choose carefully who would continue this legacy. Eve turned to night, I left the house with a happy feeling to have met them old hippies (:)) thinking they would meet other people as well before deciding. About to go back to the city when they stopped me told me that if I still were interested, she was mine to keep.

I got Bella the van. Happy times! For 7 months she stood stored over the long and cold Norwegian winter before moving out. Ending the leas and starting to sleep around the streets of Oslo (more on that later.) Now it’s almost 8 months in! Don’t regret a thing.

Hope you enjoyed it. Gone come up a few more blogposts soon enough about other stuff!

Thanks for now!