Clara Ferrand

Clara is a French born artist. Currently she’s doing a mixture of Fashion and Landscape/lifestyle photography. She’s a big inspiration of mine. Her imagery has a very classic feel to it with a modern touch. If you have the time and want to get to know Clara and the places she holds dear, go and check out her travel blog : Wildroad

Before you read this interview, Clara got asked what song she wanted for setting the mode, so turn on:

Animal by Fakear, crank up the volume and enjoy!

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So could you tell me a little bit about yourself?  When did you first get into photography? What did you do before?

 In the matter of fact, I've been into photography since I was a teenager. I did go to school to study and work within the photography business. My subject changed last year because before I only did fashion photography up to then. At the moment I’m more focus on travel and lifestyle shoots.

Where did you grow up and how did it play a part of you as an artist? 

I moved a lot during my childhood, I was born in the southwest of France but at 10 years old I moved to the North Est, and then I went to school in the south.  I currently live in Paris and I do travel a lot. So I think the places where I grew up was not so important in me becoming a photographer.  Every winter and summer my family and I go to the French Alpes for hiking and skiing. I think maybe that played a bigger role in my journey to become a photographer.


Why do you make images? Why do you love it?

I think I like to imagine a new world inspired by reality. For my mind to dream away from everyday life type of stuff. Also, I noticed that capturing an image of the place that caught my eyes is a good way to remember the feel of it. The light. The Smell. The feeling I had at the moment. 


    Do you have any other creative outlets?

I really love music and when I was young I played Clarinette. Music is really important during my travel. 


As you mention above you travel a lot, are you able to stay at “home” longer periods of time?


On Instagram, it may appear like I travel a lot. The truth is in fact that I come back every month to my flat in Paris, to stay for a while. Six months ago I was in Ireland for 3 months, so in a way, it was my home. At the moment I’m in paris until the next project. 

How do you go about planning trips? Do you have a detailed plan before leaving your house or do you just go? 

 Most of the time I research and plan the trip ahead. What to do, what to see, mostly so, cause I don't want to miss anything. But sure, there are also times when I go on pretty spontaneous trips. 


When out on the road, do you finance your own travels or do you work with companies to do so? what’s the pro’s and cons with doing so?

Both, sometimes my work as a photographer helps me to go to these amazing places that you see on the gram. Most of the time I travel with my own money because then I’m free, without obligations and I can go and do whatever I want.

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Traveling, seeing the world, in what why have it helped you evolve as a photographer? 

When I started out with the traveling, and travel photography. I shoot everything that meet my eyes.  This has changed a lot, nowadays I think about what I want to create before I shoot. At the same time, I think being a fashion photographer has influenced the way I shoot travel, and the same goes for the fashion work I do, lately, it's inspired by all my travels.


     What makes you go up in the morning?

I would like to be the best version of myself. Learn more, see more, do more… I strive to improve.



What inspired you to create? Do you ever deal with motivational struggles, and, if so, how?

Everything inspires me, but sometimes when I see too many photographs, like when you scroll too long on Instagram, it can become an obstacle for creative thinking. I need to be alone to think about my project. To get some headspace. Usually, then I realize what I really want to do. I also love to watch magazine and blog. 


.     Any advice for people who wants to evolve in their creative process?

I think to explore creativity you have to try new things. Shoot things that make you feel uncomfortable. When you don't know how the end result will turn out. Try everything! Also, one can learn by doing a workshop with a more experienced photographer.


 What important lessons have life taught you so far?

 That things happen for a reason and you'll not going to be able to control everything that comes your way. 



What’s your take on social media as a photographer? Positives? Not so good ones?

 I start to be on social media when I was a teenager, more than 10 years ago. At the period I began to take photographs of my friends and I grew on Facebook. Many people contacted me on Facebook and it’s gave me the certitude that photographer will be my work. The same goes with Instagram, I built a community and I had a lot of exchange with people who love the same things (like you). 



  Where is your favorite place on this earth?

 I fell in love with Wadi Rum, located in the desert, south of Jordania. It almost has an alien feel to it, big rocks and red sand. Out of this world!   


What/who is your biggest inspiration?

I really love the work of William Eggleston between fashion and landscapes. I do also love to see the curation of magazin Imaginary magnitude and Barefootatlas (on Instagram)


What’s the last book you read?

I read the book « Le grand Marin » by Catherine Poulaine. It’s about her life in Alaska, she dreamt of discovering the real north. So she moved to a little village in Alaska. Becoming a sailor in a fishing boat. 

Thank you to Clara Ferrand for being part of this!

You can see more of her on Instagram or her blog: Wildroad